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The Vision

The mission and vision of the Bowles Hall Foundation is to re-establish the Bowles Hall experience in a restored Bowles Hall—breathing life back into a noble dream of a robust residential experience for male and female undergraduate students at UC Berkeley and restoring key aspects of the residential college model and the rich heritage of Bowles Hall, including:

  • A self-governed, co-ed residential college academic community of UCB undergraduate and graduate students, emeritus and active faculty, Bowles Hall alumni, BHRC Fellows (selected UCB faculty members) and invited members of the Bay Area community
  • Academic support, career counseling and professional direction to enable BHRC student members to achieve their maximum academic potential in an environment conducive to high personal performance
  • A focus on achieving a higher four-year graduation rate than the campus at large, thereby reducing student expenses and loans and increasing the throughput of the University while preparing the student to excel in advanced professional education and careers
  • On-site dining (the center of the community)
  • Financially self-funding, requiring no funds from the University or taxpayers and demonstrating the potential of a lower-cost, higher-function, self-funding collegiate housing model, with an endowment fund that will support the future people, programs and equipment/maintenance needs of the Hall

Working with a cadre of talented alumni, faculty and student volunteers and selected experienced consultants, we have developed a feasible, self-sustaining plan to completely renovate and refurnish Bowles Hall, with features desired by today’s students, and re-establish the Bowles Hall Residential College experience.

Unique Opportunities for Student Members
Members of Bowles Hall Residential College will experience broad opportunities to flourish in an environment of diverse economic, geographic, ethnic, and religious traditions, abilities, academic and career interests. Opportunities available to student members include:

  • A unique, supportive and stable experience throughout their UC Berkeley undergraduate residency
  • Opportunity to develop skills of self-government, leadership, collaboration and the ethic of concern for their fellow BHRC members, their residential college and UC Berkeley
  • Opportunities to develop an appreciation of cultural values and disciplines outside the student’s field of academic focus
  • Enhanced probability of graduation in four years
  • Increased opportunities to focus on post-graduate career or continued professional education
  • Lifelong friendships and participation in the BHRC community
  • Ties to a respectable and impressive cadre of Bowlesmen and women
  • Lifelong affinities to UC Berkeley and Bowles Hall
  • The opportunity to be part of a continuum with a deep past and a vibrant future

Our renovations have been underway since June of 2015. The Hall will reopen to residents in August. 2016.

Benefits to UC Berkeley

  • Bowles Hall is being renovated for an enhance living experience: apartment style rooms, contemporary communications technology, life-safety and ADA requirements and in Hall dining; BHF is doing so at no cost to the University.
  • The proven residential college model will be re-established at UC Berkeley, providing an important point of parity with the University’s competitors.
  • BHRC will demonstrate the innovative, higher-function, self-funding collegiate housing business and operations model.
  • BHRC will instill an ethic of lifelong affinity with BHRC, UC Berkeley and fellow BHRC community members; today’s undergraduates are tomorrow’s donors and supporters.
  • Our financing and operation plan relieves the University of all costs relating to maintenance and operation of Bowles Hall for 45 years.
  • BHRC will integrate faculty and alumni into students’ residential experience and personal development.
  • Interested faculty will be offered the opportunity to participate in student development outside of the classroom.
  • The four-year graduation rate among BHRC members may rise, increasing throughput of the University.