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Notable Alumni

Bowles Hall is proud to count many men who have made significant contributions to the world. Their ranks include university leaders; Army generals; Navy admirals; CEOs of Fortune 500 companies; founders of successful Silicon Valley start-ups; 13 sitting or retired judges, including a member of the California Supreme Court; religious leaders; and many others. Here are some examples:

  • Les Richter (’52):  selected for the Pro Bowl eight consecutive years and enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame
  • Skip Scriven (’52): Had the highest GPA of all graduating senior [qualify over what period?]
  • Walter Haas (’37) and Peter Haas (’40): They and their families have generously supported many projects at Cal
  • Richard Goldman (’41): endowed the UCB Goldman School of Public Policy
  • Jack Grout (’59): a member of the 1959 NCAA basketball champions
  • Bill Coblentz (’43): served as a UC Regent
  • John Heilbron, PhD (’55): served as UCB Vice Chancellor
  • John Woods, PhD (’69): served as UCB Vice Chancellor
  • Peter Bretan, MD (’76): recognized for his leadership in transplant surgery
  • Greg Delory, PhD (’91): recognized for his discoveries at the edge of space