The Promise of Bowles Hall

Our Grand-Reopening took place on Sept 27 with about 800 attending.

Our  183 students for 2016-2017 arrived on Sept. 20, greeted by Hall Principal Dan Melia and Dean Melissa Bayne supported by our five graduate residents.

This turned out to be a full day as many parents joined in. Many joined for lunch in the Dining Commons. All admired the totally restored Matteson Lounge (with grand piano), the Peirano Game Room.

A week later our residents, alumni, supporters and friends joined for Hall tours, lunch, a dedication ceremony, reception (hosted!), remarks by Chancellor Dirks, a warmly received summary by Bob Sayles and a sumptious dinner.   All but the tours took place on the Maxwell Field which we know as “Kleeberger Field” with flooring, tents, temporary kitchen and full bar.


For more than eight decades, Bowles Hall has provided life-changing experiences to its residents, many of whom leveraged the academic achievements, leadership skills and deep friendships gained there into successful lives, careers and contributions to society.  For the last ten years the Bowles Hall Foundation has working to re-establish the Bowles Hall Residential College experience—Education Through Fellowship—in a fully renovated Hall which will continue to offer those opportunities and benefits to current and future generations of UC Berkeley students.

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